US 10-pounder (2.9-inch) Parrott Rifle

10pdparrott138rs.jpg (53697 bytes)
Overall Right View
10pdparrott138ls.jpg (51766 bytes)
Overall Left View
10pdparrott138lt.jpg (37041 bytes)
Left Trunnion
dated "1861"
10pdparrott138rt.jpg (39587 bytes)
Right Trunnion
"R.P.P W.P.F."
10pdparrott138muzzle2.jpg (33463 bytes)
Muzzle Stamped
"No. 138"
10pdparrott138muzzle1.jpg (29229 bytes)
10pdparrott138top.jpg (33226 bytes)
"US" on top of barrel
138patented1861.jpg (16855 bytes)
Patented 1861 stamped
into reinforcing band above the cascable.
10pdparrott138cascable.jpg (48467 bytes)
Rear view showing cascable