DIAMETER:  4.50 inches
GUN:  12-pounder smoothbore, 4.62-inch caliber
LENGTH:  8 inches
WEIGHT:  14 pounds 11 ounces
SABOT:  Wooden cylinder

12-pounder Smoothbore Canister
This non-excavated specimen is the standard-style canister that both the Federal and Confederate forces used in the 12-pounder (4.62-inch caliber) smoothbore cannon.  Canister was designed to be fired at close range with a resulting devastating effect on the enemy.  A 12-pounder field gun with a powder charge of 2.0 pounds, fired a 12-pounder canister with an initial muzzle velocity of 1,262 feet per second.  The iron canister balls ranged from 1.46-1.49 inches in diameter and weighed approximately .43 pounds each.  A complete non-excavated canister would weight 14 pounds.  Click here for a reconstructed 12-pounder canister.