James Canister Pattern I


DIAMETER:  3.63 inches
GUN:  14-pounder James rifle, 3.8-inch caliber
LENGTH:  3 1/2 inches
WEIGHT:  4 pounds 14 ounces
SABOT:  Lead ring covered with a tin sleeve (missing)

3.8-inch James Canister Base
This is a base from a James canister similar to the complete 3.8-inch James Canister. It has been fired and, as usual, the lead covering has been stripped off. The cylindrical canister was attached with six copper nails through the holes noted on the top of the base. The holes in the bottom sides of the base helped attach the lead band to the ribs. The canister base also acted as a projectile after leaving the cannon. James canisters are rare. This pictured specimen was recovered from Fort Pillow, Tennessee.