Parrott, Sub-pattern II


DIAMETER:  2.94 inches
3-inch Parrott rifle
6 3/8 inches
10 pounds 2 ounces
Solid shot
Brass ring

3-inch Parrott Chilled-nose Bolt, High Band Sabot
This rare high-band Parrott projectile has a chilled nose for punching through fortifications, earthworks, or other structures.  Parrott patented this sabot ring on August 20, 1861, patent #33,099.  It is commonly referred to as a "chilled-nose" Parrott bolt.  The iron projectile body was cast and, while still hot, forced through a sizing die (note the horizontal lines on the body).  After the projectile body was taken from the mould, the brass ring sabot was cast on the projectile and machined to tolerance.  The base was then drilled with four holes between the base and the brass ring to aid in the expansion of the sabot.  This variety of sabot frequently did not enter the grooves of the rifle.  The side of the projectile body pictured is stamped "NCR" and "PATENTED  1861."