DIAMETER:  2.53 inches
GUN:  6-pounder Wiard rifle, 2.6-inch caliber
LENGTH:  5 7/8 inches
WEIGHT:  5 pounds 4 ounces
SABOT:  Lead band
FUZING: Wooden fuze plug, paper time fuze

2.6-inch Hotchkiss Shell
This non-excavated specimen still retains some of the original arsenal paint.  On the base is cast "HOTCHKISS PAT. OCT 9, 1855" which signifies the date on which the patent was applied for.  It was subsequently issued on October 16, 1855, patent #13,679.  It has three flame grooves that enabled the propellant charge flame to more readily travel past the body and light the paper time fuze.  Hotchkiss projectiles of 2.6-inch caliber are scarce.