DIAMETER:  2.92 inches
GUN:  3-inch wrought iron (ordnance) rifle
LENGTH:  9 3/16 inches
WEIGHT:  8 pounds
SABOT:  Papier-mâché'
FUZING:  Schenkl percussion, brass

This was the most common Schenkl pattern purchased by the Federal Ordnance Department. There are seven vertical raised ribs on the tapered cone. Stamped on the brass percussion fuze is "J.P. SCHENKL PAT. OCT. 16, 1861."  The actual patent date was October 15, 1861, patent #34,495. According to Abbot's Siege Artillery in the Campaigns Against Richmond, the Schenkl percussion fuze was 82% effective. Click here for a cross section of the 3-inch Schenkl common-shell projectile.  This pictured specimen was recovered from the Gettysburg battlefield.