DIAMETER:  2.90 inches
GUN:  3-inch wrought iron (ordnance) rifle
LENGTH:  10 1/8 inches
WEIGHT:  8 pounds without sabot
SABOT:  Papier-mâché'
FUZING:  Schenkl combination time and percussion

The rounded nose on this pattern indicates it is case-shot. Please note the original papier-mâché' sabot on this non-excavated example. The lower zinc band, which helped decrease humidity-related swelling, is missing. Since the papier-mâché' sabot fit so tightly in the bore, no flame could pass to light the conventional time fuze. A self-igniting fuze was used in an attempt to correct this problem. However, the combination fuze worked very poorly with only approximately a 55% success rate. This shell has seven raised ribs on the tapered cone. Go here for an explanation of the Schenkl combination fuze and click here for a cross-section of a 3-inch Schenkl case shot projectile.