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Great Britain




DIAMETER: 3.42 inches across flats
GUN: 12-pounder Blakely rifle, 3.5-inch caliber
LENGTH: 7 11/16 inches
WEIGHT: 11 pounds 11 ounces
FUZING: Britten percussion, brass

This pattern has been mistakenly called the Preston projectile, after the name of its manufacturer. Fawcett, Preston, and Company, of Liverpool, England, which under Blakely's patent, produced 12-pounder (3.5-inch caliber) Blakely rifles in 1860-1861. This projectile pattern was patented by Thoephilus Alexander Blakely, British patent #1,286, dated May 22, 1863. This pictured example has a flat base and six vertical inclined flanges to allow it to fit the Blakely rifle's saw-tooth rifling. The poor design of the Britten fuze caused many shells to be rendered harmless upon firing. The majority of the battlefield recovered 12-pounder (3.5-inch caliber) Blakely projectiles have come from the 1863 Siege of Port Hudson, Louisiana.