Confederate (copy)

James Pattern I, Sub-pattern I



DIAMETER: 3.25 inches
GUN: 3.3-inch Confederate rifle
LENGTH: 7 9/16 inches
WEIGHT: 10 pounds 1 ounce
SABOT: Lead ring (missing)

This is a fired example of the projectile pictured here. Most fired examples of this Confederate copy of the James projectile pattern are found with the lead sabot missing and the ribbed portion of the projectile body broken off. Solid shot projectiles were intended for use against fortifications, such as cannon emplacements. Note the prominent vertical mold seam typical of Confederate manufactured projectiles. Confederate copies of the James projectile pattern have a characteristically rounded nose and distinctly different style of ribs as compared to the original James pattern. Click here for an example of a Federal James projectile without the sabot for comparison.