DIAMETER: 2.86 inches
GUN: 10-pounder Parrott rifle, 2.9-inch caliber
LENGTH: 8 9/16 inches
WEIGHT: 10 pounds 2 ounces
SABOT: Brass ring
FUZING: Parrott zinc fuze plug, paper time fuze

In order to correct the chipping problem this sabot illustrated here was developed with five internal flanges. However, this caused the bottom of the sabot to be flush with the base of the shell which, in combination with the extreme thickness of the sabot, would not allow the explosive charge to force the sabot into the grooves of the gun tube. Often the shells would fail to take the rifling of the bore, thereby decreasing the range and accuracy. The projectile body was cast and sized with a die while hot. The brass ring was cast on the projectile's base after this procedure. This projectile is also found in 20-pounder size (3.67-inch caliber).