DIAMETER: 2.94 inches
GUN: 3-inch wrought iron (ordnance) rifle
LENGTH: 6 5/8 inches
WEIGHT: 9 pounds 1 ounce
SABOT: Lead band
FUZING: Hotchkiss combination time and percussion fuze

3-inch 14-second Hotchkiss-Bormann Hotchkiss Shell
Benjamin B. Hotchkiss patented an improvement for the Hotchkiss projectile on May 16, 1865, patent #47,725. According to the patent a wooden disk was to have been inserted between the base cup and the base of the nose to decrease the risk of premature fracture of the shell during initial firing. The insufficient burning time of the standard-style 5 1/4-second Bormann time fuze for rifled ordnance led to the development of the 14-second Hotchkiss-Bormann version which was patented on December 24, 1867, patent #72,494. This fuze system was a combination of a modified Hotchkiss percussion fuze and a 14-second Hotchkiss-Bormann time fuze. Note the protective cap that covers the Hotchkiss percussion fuze. The letters "TB" are stamped into the lead band. These letters are often seen in other Hotchkiss specimens of this variety.