DIAMETER: 2.94 inches
GUN: 3-inch wrought iron (ordnance) rifle
LENGTH: 6 5/16 inches
WEIGHT: 8 pounds 14 ounces
SABOT: Lead band
FUZING: Hotchkiss combination time and percussion fuze

3-inch 14-second Hotchkiss-Bormann Hotchkiss Shell
The base cup on this pictured projectile is flat, and therefore of post-war manufacture. The protective cover of the Hotchkiss percussion fuze has been removed to show the flammable material that was used to help direct flame to the punched 14-second Hotchkiss-Bormann time fuze. If the Hotchkiss-Bormann time fuze failed to ignite or burned beyond the range intended, the center Hotchkiss percussion fuze was designed to detonate the shell on impact. This post-war Hotchkiss variety has been recovered from American Indian War battle sites.