DIAMETER: 4.50 inches
GUN: 12-pounder smoothbore, 4.62-inch caliber
LENGTH: 4 15/16 inches including sabot
WEIGHT: 8 pounds 7 ounces (if case-shot 10-12 pounds)
SABOT: Wooden cup
FUZING: Bormann time fuze

12-pounder Bormann Fused Ball on Original Sabot
This shell is non-excavated and rests on its original wooden sabot. The wooden cup was designed to align the fuze and keep it forward and centered in the cannon bore. The cartridge bag was tied in the deep groove cut into the base of the sabot. The twine was used to tighten down the four tin straps, holding the sabot and fuze collar more secure. The 12-pounder (4.62-inch caliber) projectile was the most common Federal shell employing the Bormann time fuze. This style sabot was designed for the 12-pounder Napoleon smoothbore cannon.

The example below is a fixed 12-pounder Bormann fuzed ball.  This is similar to how fixed-ammunition was manufactured during the Civil War.

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