DIAMETER:  3.59 inches
GUN:  6-pounder Sawyer rifle, 3.67-inch caliber
LENGTH:  9 1/2 inches including fuze
WEIGHT:  15 pounds 3 ounces
SABOT:  Lead jacket
FUZING:  Sawyer combination

Sawyer Combination Fuze

Addison M. Sawyer patented the combination fuze seen in this specimen on May 26, 1863, patent #38,699. The fuze was designed so that it would be ignited by the shock of discharge when the rifle was fired. If the time fuze failed to ignite from the initial discharge, then the secondary device would detonate the projectile on impact. This style fuze is commonly referred to as a Sawyer combination fuze. Stamped on the nose is "14 1/2", which is the amount of bursting charge in ounces that was to be installed at the arsenal. Several 3-inch Sawyer projectiles similar to this specimen have been recovered from a Virginia battlefield. Go here for information about the "14 1/2" stamping.