Great Britain

Whitworth Pattern I, Sub-pattern II


DIAMETER:  2.73 inches across flats
GUN:  12-pounder Whitworth rifle, 2.75-inch caliber
LENGTH:  10 7/8 inches
WEIGHT:  12 pounds
SABOT:  None
FUZING:  Confederate copper fuze plug, paper time fuze

Notice the excellent British workmanship. Although of British origin, this specimen is fitted with a Confederate copper time fuze plug. Both Federal and Confederate forces used the 12-pounder (2.75-inch caliber) Whitworth projectile, although the majority were fired by the Confederates. The moral of Federal troops, when facing Whitworth cannon, was greatly affected as evidence by the following statement made by Abbot in his book Siege Artillery in the Campaigns Against Richmond, he states on page 105 "These projectiles were largely used by the confederates on the lines of Petersburg, where they inspired dread among our men from their long range and horrid sound." The 12-pounder (2.75-inch caliber) Whitworth rifle firing a solid shot projectile with a propellant charge of 1.75 pounds at 35 degrees elevation had a maximum range of 10,000 yards.  For information about Sir Joseph Whitworth click here.