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DIAMETER: 2.85 inches
GUN: 10-pounder Parrott rifle, 2.9-inch caliber
LENGTH: 9 inches
WEIGHT: 10 pounds 1 ounce
SABOT: Copper ratchet plate
FUZING: Wooden fuze plug, paper time fuze

This is an example of the most common 10-pounder (2.9-inch caliber) Brooke projectile recovered. It was turned on a lathe from the sabot to the ogive. Lathing was needed to turn the projectile casting down to the dimensions needed to properly fit into the bore of the cannon. The thin walled copper sabot tended to break as it expanded into the grooves of the cannon. In an attempt to correct this problem the sabot was made thicker and pre-cast with the rifling grooves, as can be seen in here. This pictured example was recovered from the June 1864 Battlefield of Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia.  Stamped into the copper sabot is the letter "8".  Also found stamped on field caliber Brooke projectiles are the letters "G" and "D".