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DIAMETER:  2.84 inches
GUN:  10-pounder Parrott rifle, 2.9-inch caliber
LENGTH:  9 3/16 inches
WEIGHT:  9 pounds 10 ounces
SABOT:  Copper ratchet plate
FUZING:  Brooke copper fuze plug, paper time fuze

The sabot on this pictured projectile is pre-cast with three flanges to fit the gun's grooves. This was done in an attempt to correct the problem with the thinner Brooke copper sabots breaking during initial discharge of the cannon. When fired, the ratchets tightened against each other, equally absorbing the energy and thus increasing the sabot's and projectile's stability.  The copper time fuze plug is slotted and similar in appearance to a Federal Hotchkiss time fuze plug. This projectile variety was used exclusively by Forrest's Artillery (Morton's Battery) and then only in north Alabama and Mississippi battlefields. This pictured specimen was recovered from Sulphur Trestle, Alabama. This variety of the Brooke pattern is extremely rare.