Parrott Projectiles

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These projectiles were patented by Robert Parker Parrott.

Read vs Parrott
IIIA88.jpg (25254 bytes) 10-pounder Read-Parrott
Flat Nosed Bolt
IIIA89.jpg (26307 bytes) 10-pounder Parrott
Flat Nosed Bolt
Brass Sabot
IIIA90.jpg (25435 bytes) 10-pounder Parrott
Chilled Nosed Bolt
Brass Sabot
  10-pounder CS Read Bolt
3-inch Parrott Bolt
High Band Sabot
IIIA91.jpg (18279 bytes) 10-pounder Read-Parrott
Wrought-Iron Sabot
IIIA92.jpg (19462 bytes) 10-pounder Parrott
High-Brass Sabot
10-pounder Parrott
Brass Sabot
10-pounder Read-Parrott
Bormann Time Fuze
10-pounder Parrott Experimental Bolt
Lead Sabot
10-pounder Parrott Experimental Shell
Lead Sabot
20-pounder Parrott Flat Nose Bolt
20-pounder Parrott Chilled Nose Bolt
20-pounder Read-Parrott
20-pounder Parrott